What we do

We organize seminars, workshops, short courses, etc. to promote the good quality of air. We publish newsletters and educational material for school children. We do everything to help people breathe good air. We work on the following areas.

Clean energy

We get bad energy by burning wood in our backyard and various industrial means. This way we are polluting the air. We teach people how to get clean energy which will not harm the environment or the human health. We talk about the renewable sources of energy. Our researchers and scientists are constantly working to come up with alternative sources of energy that will not make the air dirty.


Cars, buses, etc. release harmful CO2 to the environment. This not only makes the air polluted but also makes people ill. We make people aware of the harmful effect of CO2 and encourage them to use transportations like a bicycle which doesn’t emit CO2. We promote the use of hybrid cars, car pooling, etc. to reduce air pollution.


Disposing waste here and there can cause environmental pollution. Things we dispose of ends up in landfills causing pollution. We should recycle and reuse things for that the level of pollution decreases. We promote these issues and organize workshops so that people learn how to recycle.

Our researchers continuously try to find out innovative approaches to reduce air pollution. We come up with new interesting campaigns to make people aware of the harmful nature of air pollution. We educate people about why we should breathe clean air. We hope you will be part of our campaign too.