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We are a clean air organization in Montana. We work towards protecting people’s health and improve the quality of air. Our objective is to prevent climate change and make the air breathable. We want to restore clean air in Montana. We do so by informing people about the harmful effects of pollution and showing them ways to keep the air clean. Our team consists of extremely talented people who are knowledgeable about the environment. They develop policies and campaigns to increase awareness about having clean air. They also come up with business solutions so that your business can also contribute to the environment.

Why we need clean air

Clean air is needed to stay healthy and keep the environment sustainable. Here are some statistics that may shock you.

  • It costs billions of dollars to take care of the health complications caused by air pollution every year.
  • Thousands of people die of lung cancer every year due to air pollution.
  • Air pollution is one of the major causes of premature deaths every year.
  • Children get sick because of air pollution and have to skip school.
  • More people are now suffering from asthma due to poor air quality.

All these facts tell us how important it is to have clean air. If we want to live a healthy life then we will have to keep our air clean.

Our approach

We organize campaigns, seminars, workshops, and other initiatives to inform people about the danger of not breathing clean air. We show them ways they can practice healthy living so that it doesn’t affect the environment. We inform companies as well to include business practice that is supportive of the environment. For the past 15 years, we have improved Montana’s air significantly in the following ways.
  • Encouraging people to adopt new technologies that help to keep the air clean.
  • Advice businesses to apply good business practices to keep the air clean.
  • Educate people about air pollution and their effects.
You can become our member today and help us keep the air quality of Montana clean. You can also work for us as volunteers and help us put up our campaigns for good quality air.
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